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[ZS] Body Bikini IPL 500,000 Flash Depilator Pulses Permanent Laser Epilator Painless For Women Hair Removal Home Use Devices

[ZS] Body Bikini IPL 500,000 Flash Depilator Pulses Permanent Laser Epilator Painless For Women Hair Removal Home Use Devices
[ZS] Body Bikini IPL 500,000 Flash Depilator Pulses Permanent Laser Epilator Painless For Women Hair Removal Home Use Devices

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⭐️ ILP laser hair removal device


The safest, fastest and most efficient technology, it quickly removes all body hair in up to 15 minutes.

Product Description:

• * Features * • The device with IPL technology helps prevent regrowth of hair follicles from the roots. • It has 5 adjustable levels. • Two flash modes (automatic - manual). • Automatic flash. • Manual flash for delicate areas such as armpits, bikini line and face. • Light, you can take it with you when traveling • Get rid of body hair in just 30 minutes. • * Description * • Product name: - IPL hair removal device. • Number of flashes: 500,000 flashes

. Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC

Laser hair removal device IPL Hair Removal Instrument This device works with laser technology for home use Permanently complete hair removal Permanently painless This device is with a permanent flash Precision result In order for you to remove hair easily Keep the skin clean and dry and then wear glasses


• Made of high quality watch material for long lasting

• Laser hair removal in all areas of the body without feeling pain

• 5 light requests settings can be set

• Keeping the skin soft and smooth

• Package contains: hair removal device, power adapter, razor blade, protective glasses, and user manual

➡️ Safe and Painless Hair Removal

●Multiple Functions All-round care for your skin, safe for your skin, compared to other permanent hair removal methods, the latest IPL hair removal technology can ensure your hair removal is safe.

● To ensure complete safety, please wear goggles when you use this hair removal device.

➡️IPL epilator gentle and permanent hair removal

● The epilator helps you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin by breaking the hair regeneration cycle. Very gentle, ideal for first application or treatment of any area

● Newly upgraded 500,000 times/pulse, the intense pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle, effectively removing hair.

● Single flash + continuous flash (2 flash modes).

● 5-level adjustment function, care for every inch of delicate skin.

● Has a permanent effect and can completely remove excess hair after thorough treatment.

➡️ Small skin rejuvenation epilator

● Lightweight and easy to operate, glowing fast, with skin rejuvenation and blue light cleansing functions.

● Automatic Flash Slide Mode is for easy, fast treatments on straightforward areas such as legs.

● The shape is small and exquisite, like the size of a mobile phone, very suitable for travel or business trips, very convenient.

➡️Five gear adjustment

● 5 power levels: This IPL hair removal has 5 adjustable power levels to suit different skin sensitivities and treatment areas.

● For the first time use, it is recommended to start the hair removal mode from the 2nd gear, and gradually adjust and increase the gears. It is recommended that you moisturize your skin with a moisturizing skin care product after about 3 to 5 hair removals per area.

● Mouth recommendation: 1-2 files

● Underarm recommendation: 1-5 files

● Shoulder recommendation: 1-5 gears

● Toe recommendation: 1-5 gears

● Private parts recommendation: 1-5 files

● Foot recommendation: 1-5 gears

➡️ Whole body use, safe and effective

● 500,000 flashes: IPL intense pulsed light directly illuminates the hair follicle. Moderate light, mild to prevent hair growth, painless, safe, no side effects.

● Can be used to remove hair from the face (upper lip, chin and sideburns) and all parts of the body, including legs, armpits, bikini area, abdomen and arms, even on sensitive skin.

➡️ Humanized design concept

● The 5-level light wave intensity is adjustable, the probe covers a wide range and has more functions.

● There are two modes of IPL hair removal. Automatic mode is suitable for large treatment areas such as legs, back, arms; manual mode is used for sensitive or smaller areas such as bikini line, upper lip and armpits.

➡️Experience fast hair removal at home

● The epilator is a specially developed hygienic hair removal option that still has the same strength as a professional beauty center. That means you don't have to go to the beauty salon to interact with technicians or share a bed with countless other clients.

● Loss of thick hair from the roots. Let every inch of skin have its own energy focus. Soft pulsating light falls on the skin and is absorbed by the hair roots.

● At-home hair removal for silky smooth skin at an affordable price in your own time and space. With an epilator, you can get professional results at a very low cost.

➡️ 8 weeks hair removal

● In 1-3 weeks, the hair starts to grow slowly. 4-7 weeks hair becomes thinner and thinner. After 8 weeks, I took off my whole body, said goodbye to embarrassment, my hair was reduced by 75% in 4 weeks, and I had silky girly muscles in 8 weeks.

⚠️ To protect your skin, people with the following characteristics are prohibited from using this product:

①Skin sensory disturbance, local and systemic inflammation, allergic dermatitis, eczema or other skin diseases.

②Photosensitive skin and those who use photosensitizing drugs or are allergic to cosmetics, clothes, metals, etc.

③ pregnancy, menstruation or lactation;

④ Sunbathing or tanning bed or use of sunless tanning beauty products within the past 2 weeks.

➡️ Hair removal requires regular hair removal according to each cycle

● 1-2 months (5-6 times a month), the treated hair will become thinner and grow more slowly.

● 3-4 months (3-4 times a month), pay attention to hairless spots during treatment.

● Over 4 months (once a month), treatment of permanent hair loss.

After half a year, you will see visible results and hair loss. To prevent hair growth, we only need maintenance every two months or more.

➡️Is IPL right for you?

●Built-in skin tone sensor The built-in skin tone sensor determines skin tone at the beginning of each use and from time to time during each use. It automatically stops flickering if the skin tone is too dark.

● IPL epilator is suitable for skin and hair from white to brown (eg white, light, light, wheat, brown). However, this product should not be used on: Tanned, tattooed and dark-spotted skin (see skin tone chart)

● For the first use, it is recommended to start the test from the first gear, and gradually strengthen the gear according to the use experience.

➡️Professional IPL technology

● The device will automatically adjust the settings to match the root length, thickness and texture characteristics of whatever part of the body you are targeting. The device repeatedly sends gentle pulses of light to the hair root, causing a buildup of heat and energy.

● Illuminates hair follicles with delicate pulses of light, stimulating them into a quiescent state while making skin smoother and longer-lasting. Pulses cause heat to build up in each hair follicle, making it softer and more effective.

⚠️Note: In order to avoid laser damage to eyes and others during use, the probe will not emit laser when it is not in contact with the skin. After turning on the power, please make direct contact between the probe and the skin to be depilated at 90°. When the operation button is pressed, the device will only flash when the laser head touches the skin.

➡️ Steps of using the hair removal device

① Shave your hair and dry your skin. Clean the glitter window with medical alcohol wipes.

②Connect the power and turn on the device.

③Adjust the comfort level.

④ Wear protective glasses.

⑤Place the flash window vertically and firmly on the skin you want to remove, and press the operation button.

⑥Enjoy the super comfortable hair removal experience.

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